Highpower Resources

Some great resources to learn more about Highpower Rifle shooting and find the right equipment to make shooting easier and more fun. Check out our Facebook page and see who we "Like" to find more resources and information..

  Civilian Marksmanship Program

The CMP promotes firearms safey and marksmanship. Also the place to get ammunition and M1 Garands. The Bears are a CMP affiliated club.

  Creedmoor Sports

Known for their "Hardback" shooting coats and shooting carts. They're also suppliers of just about everything a highpower shooter could use including rifles and ammunition.

  Got X-Ring/Competition Machine

Gary Elesio developed and sells one of the best chassis systems available today. He also has F-Class bipods and rests. If you're looking for one of the best scope heads available today, he has those too.

 Keystone Accuracy

 John Scandale from Pennsylvania manufactures match and service rifle uppers. John is a left-handed shooter and caters to the leftys.

 Knights Armament

 Knights Armament rifles and accessories at Omaha Outdoors

 National Match Forums

 US Rifle Teams which includes the National Match Forums. Get an account and join the discussions. Great resource for information by searching the forums.

 Powder Valley

 Powder, primers, bullets and other reloading supplies.

 Ron Brown Sling Company

 Great 1907 Leather slings in your choice of colors and can be customized to your individual needs.

 Turner Slings

 Turner Saddlery and maker of 1907 slings in leather and biothane. Also makes other types of rifle slings.

 White Oak Armament

 Service and Match rifle uppers and supplier of the best parts and barrels if you want to build your own upper.