Highpower Rifle Basics

This page is just getting started, and we'll be updating it with more detailed information in the near future. Check back regularly for updates.



To get started, you really only need a safe rifle, ammunition, a glove, sling, and two magazines. The club has spotting scopes, scope stands, chairs, and mats for loan. If you don't have a sling, let us know, and someobody will bring an extra to the match.

  XTC - Across The Course

On a full distance course, shot at 200, 300, and 600 yards. At the Fort Angeles Range used by the Bears, we shoot all stages at one distance, 100 yards. The targets are reduced proportionally to simulate the longer distances. Standing, sitting, and prone positions are used with both rapid and slow fire stages.


Shot at 500 and 600 yards with almost all events taking place at 600 yards. All shooting is done from the prone position. F-Class shooters use bipods, rear bags, and rests. The scoring rings are significantly smaller for F-Class shooters.

  Long Range

800, 900, and a 1000 yard distances with most matches being shot at 1000 yards. All shooting is done in the prone position with either sling or F-Class.

  Garand, Springfield, Modern

Similar to XTC, and typically shot at 200 yards although it can be shot at 100 yards. Most matches do not have a rapid sitting stage. The Civilian Marksmanship Program holds events throughout the country which are known as the "Travel Games". Many clubs have GSM matches as well.